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fiber laser cutting machine / for steel / for stainless steel / for tubes
P2060 Wuhan Vtop fiber laser



  • Material:

    for steel, for stainless steel

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Control type:


  • Tube diameter:

    Max.: 220 mm

    100 mm

    Min.: 20 mm


Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine P2060
1. Automatic bundle loader
2. Automatically clamping and loading pipes,suit for all kind of pipes
3. Cnc layout and cutting,forming by one time
4. High precision and smooth end surface,no need to deburring
5. Laser cutting head does not touch the pipe wall,no deformation with punching and chamfering etc.
6. Automatic edge seeking and floating support ensure precision with long time cutting.
7. Unloading with automatic floating,saving labor.
8. The whole process is without human invention,which can avoid the scratches of pipe mouth and wall

P2060 pipe laser cutting machine laser power from 700w to 3000w,which can cut 10mm stainless steel, 20mm carbon steel, 8mm aluminum,brass 6mm.