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metal cutting machine / fiber laser / sheet metal / CNC
GF-1530JH 2500w N-light Wuhan Vtop fiber laser



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    hole punch, multi-function

  • Applications:

    for the automotive industry, for industrial applications, for metal fabrication, for aeronautical applications, for carbon steel, for steel construction, for metal pipes, for thin sheet metal, for doors, for structural steel, for medical applications, for metal furniture, for thick sheet metal

  • Other characteristics:

    SGS, automatic, high-speed, high-precision, alloy steel, mild steel, flatbed, CE, high-performance, FDA, high-power, with water cooling, programmable, large-format, high-efficiency, ISO, galvanized steel, with servo-motor

  • X travel:

    Max.: 2,050 mm

    2,050 mm

    Min.: 1,050 mm

  • Y travel:

    Max.: 6,050 mm

    4,050 mm

    Min.: 3,050 mm

  • Laser power:

    Max.: 6,000 W

    2,500 W

    Min.: 1,000 W

  • Tube diameter:

    Max.: 300 mm

    200 mm

    Min.: 20 mm


Full Enclosed Exchange Table Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine GF-JH Series
Golden Laser machines are available in 1000W - 6KW laser power & 1500mm x 3000mm, 2000mm x 4000mm and 2000mm x 6000mm table size
1.Medium laser power 1200w,2500w
High speed & high precision
Full protection & dual exchange table
2500w can cut 22mm carbon steel,10mm stainless steel,8mm aluminum,6mm brass.
Golden Vtop Strongly Recommended 2500w N-light Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The performance of 2500w machine is equal to 3000w while the price is equal to 2000w.

2.High Laser Power Fiber Cutting Machine 4000w and 6000w
Full Protection & Double Table
Specially For Thick Metal Sheet Cutting
Thickness of Cutting : 0-25mm metal
High-speed Perforation: diversified high-speed perforation technology

Advanced Functions
• Laser diagnostics
• Adaptive distance regulation
• Cutter compensation look ahead
• Fly/Fast-cut
• Database for storage of all necessary parameters (SQL based database)
• Pipe/Tube cutting (optional)
The GF-JH Series is avaliable to add a rotating device,which also can cut metal tubes,(tube processing length 3m,6m,tube processing diameter from 20mm to 300m,applied to round,square, rectangular, oval, waist round tube and other metal pipes.)

Applicable Industry
Metal door,steel metal furniture,engineering machinery,steel structure,sheet metal fabrication,lighting lamps,fitness equipment,medical bed,auto parts etc.