signal amplifier / measuring / conditioning / current output
X-201-IP04 X-Sensors AG



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:

    measuring, conditioning

  • Other characteristics:

    current output, voltage output, for strain gauge sensors, for load cells, for process control

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 10 V

    Min.: 0 V

  • Current:

    Max.: 20 mA

    Min.: 4 mA


The X-201 is designed amplify bridge signals from force and strain-sensors basing on the strain- technique. It is considered conditioning and interfacing PLC’s or any -unit analogue inputs.


• PLC input cyclical zero point adjustment
• High measuring speed up 5000 Hz
• Sensitivity from 0,5 mV/V up 4 mV/V the strain sensors
• Featuring both voltage and current simultaneous
• The bridge excitation can be selected between 5 V or 10 V
• Aluminium field housing

The X-201 has a PLC input process controlled zero reset. This way zero nulling is very effective in a cyclical , where the force is at a certain moment zero. If the X-201 is nulled in this very moment, all drifts and zero-offset are tared and therefore completely suppressed. This way of nulling can be used in like stamping machines, injection- and die casting machines.