compression force sensor / canister / compact / through-hole
XCM-171 X-Sensors AG



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, through-hole, small, precision, miniature, strain gauge

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 10 kN

    Max.: 80 kN

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 1 t (1.1 us ton)

    Max.: 8 t (8.82 us ton)


Miniature force transducer with center hole for press, screw and cable forces

Force washer for measurement of clamping forces and press forces
Internal diameters correspond to thread sizes and can therefore be used as force washers
Stiff and compact steel housing with very small displacement
High overload capacity
Planparallel ring areas for uniform force introduction
Specific measurement ranges available

The XCM-171 miniature force washer are suitable for force measurement in applications where high accuracy and very stiff sensor housings are required. The stiff design and the option to integrate a second, redundant measuring bridge qualify this series for safety-related applications in buildings and plants.

The sensors are based on proven strain gauge technology and show a linear signal proportional to the applied force. Due to the extremely compact design and the high accuracy, these miniature pressure transducers are particularly suitable for the following applications:

Monitoring of press and punch processes
Laboratory and test equipment
Preloading of screws and threaded rods