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mobile crane / for construction / hydraulic / height-adjustable



  • Configuration:


  • Operating environment:

    for construction

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, height-adjustable

  • Lift capacity:

    55,000 kg (121,254 lb)

  • Working height:

    60.3 m (197'10")


XCT55L5 Truck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects,
such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, bridge,
oilfields and mine, and complex working environments.
5-section boom of 44.5 m with U-type profile is the longest of the same class in the industry; the max. parts of line is 12 for the main hook block. The performance is 10% higher than that of the competitors, under 9.5t full counter weight condition, preced about 22%. The telescoping mode is updated from sequential telescoping to random telescoping. The change of boom length is more efficient, and the performance of medium-long boom is higher;
Innovative single-plate boom head and compact boom tail structure, best overlapping ratio in its class and stronger boom load-bearing capacity;
The min. stable slewing speed is 0.1°/s. The min. stable lifting speed (drum) is 2.5m/min. Precise and safe lifting movements can be realized.

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