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wheeled loader / swing / for construction / for quarries



  • Locomotion:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for construction, for quarries

  • Operating weight:

    Max.: 25,550 kg (56,328.11 lb)

    Min.: 23,550 kg (51,918.86 lb)

  • Engine power:

    226 kW (307.3 hp)


1、The latest cab features higher safety, broader visual field, and more comfortable operations.
2、The scientifically matched and in-depth optimized drive system and the transmission and drive axle of international advanced quality achieve higher efficiency and reliability.
3、The three-segment drive shaft is applied and the front drive shaft adopts the flexible connection to reduce the impact on drive shaft and improve the drive reliability.
4、The extended wheelbase heavy-duty design is analyzed and optimized by 3D simulation to realize high reliability and better energy-conservation.
5、The double-pump confluence system, the hydraulic flow amplifying steering, and the single-joystick pilot control are applied to realize high efficiency and flexibility.

Rated Load:7000kg
Dimension(Long* Breadth * High):9455×3430×3630mm
Max. tractive force:210 KN
Max. climbing gradient:28 º
Max. dumping angle:45 º
Max. dumping height:3168mm
Dumping reach:1283mm
Overturn angle of bucket:≥45°
Max excavating depth:60mm