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wheeled loader / swing / for construction



  • Locomotion:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for construction

  • Operating weight:

    21,000 kg (46,297.08 lb)

  • Engine power:

    162 kW (220.3 hp)


1.The Z-shaped link mechanism designed espeially for stone operating cnditions features high breakout force and loading capacity and the classic double-rocker structure ensures a broad operating view.
2.The extended wheelbase and wheel tread and ultra-high ballast realize good working stability of the machine.
3.The China-lIl engine, high reliability XCMG's electronic control countershaft transmission, and the reinforced dry-type drive axle are matched perfectly to save the fuel and reduce the consumption.
4,The higher dumping height and dumping distance, extensive rotation angle scope of forks, and adjustable fork spacing are suitable to diversified operation needs, induding the forklifting and overturning of stones.
5.The 23.5-25 24PR engneering tires are suitable to diversified severe road conditions, featuring powerful off-road performance. The optional tire chains are at your choice.
6.The high ground clerance,small tuming radius, and high depature angle of the classis can adapt to various complicated operation conditions.

Operating weight: 21000kg
Rated power: 162kw
Rated lifting capacity: 18t
Fork size(LxW): 1500x1014mm
Loading capacity at highest position: 14000kg
Overall dimensions(LxWxH): 8180x2950x3515mm
Max. machine height: 4470mm
Dumping height(22.5°): 2410mm
Dumping range(22.5°): 1900mm
Max. lifting height: 3050mm
Material transport height: 480mm
Wheelbase: 3410mm
Wheel tread: 2350mm