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GigE Vision / CameraLink | Onca-LWIR-QWIP-384 XENICS


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The Onca-LWIR-QWIP-384, developed by Xenics infrared solutions, is a long-wave infrared imaging camera that was optimized for use in thermal imaging applications. It uses real-time image correction and is built with a QWIP detector. The product has a 384 x 288 pixel resolution and infrared wavelengths that range from 7.5 µm to 9.0 µm.

The camera provides 14-bit images at a diverse range of frame rates. Two speed versions are also available in the camera: one is a standard video rate speed and a another is the high speed video version. It is equipped with a GigE or CameraLink interface and can accommodate up to 5 filters in the filterwheel. The product is also able to give out accurate temperature readings.


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