surveillance camera / for night vision / MWIR / HD



  • Function:

    surveillance, for night vision

  • Spectrum:


  • Technology:


  • Interface:

    GigE Vision, Camera Link, PAL/NTSC

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, high-sensitivity, cooled, high-performance, long-range, stabilized


The XCO-640 is a long range MWIR surveillance module manufactured by Xenics Infrared Solutions that is of highly stabilized and superior optical performance. It is an infrared camera configuration with zoom range going from 15 mm up to even 1000 mm. The built-in zoom control over RS232/RS422 together with on-board image processing for increased contrast performance makes the XCO-640 the perfect fit for a flexible and mobile observation platform for law enforcement, homeland security and perimeter surveillance. The XCO-640 is stirling cooled InSb array, with a multiple interface.

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