line-scan camera / inspection / SWIR / HD
Lynx-2048-CL XENICS



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    Camera Link

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    compact, high-speed, line-scan, low-light, uncooled, measuring, for spectroscopy, small form factor


High resolution, high speed uncooled SWIR line-scan camera
World’s highest resolution SWIR line-scan camera with excellent sensitivity

The unique high line resolution achieved by the Lynx-2048-CL will maximize your production yields. This SWIR solution is perfectly suited for spectroscopy, and for non-destructive and detail-rich imaging from deeper layers of semiconductor materials or measuring the thickness and uniformity of its functional layers.

The Lynx-2048-CL offers in many ways an affordable solution. The small form factor and smallest pixel pitch of 12.5 μm allows more precision and optimization of compact systems with lower cost lenses. The high line resolution substitutes for costly multiple-camera solutions.

The Lynx-2048-CL is perfectly suited for high speed scanning with high line rates up to 10 kHz. In addition the camera comes with an industrystandard CameraLink interface for data transfer at full line rate.

You will reach optimal image with low dark current and excellent signal to noise ratios. Furthermore you can operate multiple integration times.

Benefits & features
Made in Europe
Easy to export - no ITAR
Smallest SWIR line-scan camera
Superb low dark current imaging
Full flexibility in integration time settings
Standard CameraLink for data transfer at full line rate
Compliant with National Instruments and Euresys framegrabbers
Ultra-high resolution and high sensitivity for low-light conditions

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