video corpo

InGaAs camera / infrared / MWIR / Camera Link


  • Sensor:


  • Spectrum:

    infrared, MWIR

  • Interface:

    Camera Link, GigE Vision

  • Applications:



The Onca-MWIR-InSb-640 model is manufactured by Xenics, and is an inexpensive midwave infrared-imaging camera that is perfect for thermal imaging applications where performance is critical. It utilizes an updated real-time image correction that is equipped with a 2D InSb array with 640 x 512 pixel resolution.

The unit provides 14-bit images at various frame rates, and is enhanced for highly stable stand-alone and PC-driven thermal imaging and thermography applications. It has a pixel pitch of 15 µm with sensitivity of < 20 mK.

The unit has a video rate of 30 Hz and high speed at 120 Hz with window interest of 16 x 4. It also has power rating of 24 V and consumes < 50 W at room temperature.


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