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Monitoring camera / thermal imaging / SWIR / MWIR
Onca-MWIR-InSb-640 cooled thermal camera XENICS


  • Function:

    monitoring, thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    GigE Vision, Camera Link, USB, PAL/NTSC

  • Other characteristics:

    cooled, high-end, stand-alone, indoor, thermographic, high-resolution, high-speed, day/night, for pipe inspection, laboratory, for spectroscopy, for biomedical research, for scientific applications, for research and development, for SF6 gas leak detection, for VOC gas leak detection, for gas leak detection, for the glass industry, low-light, high-sensitivity


The Onca-MWIR-InSb uses advanced real-time image correction and is equipped with a state of the art 2D InSb array with 640 x 512 or 320 x 256 image resolution. The Onca-MWIR-InSb camera offers 14-bit images at various frame rates. Two speed versions are available: a standard video rate version and a high speed version.

All camera functions can be customized and all settings are stored in nonvolatile memory to enable optimized use. The Onca-MWIR-InSb is optimized for highly stable thermal imaging and thermography applications. Camera control and image acquisition are possible according to two standards: CameraLink and GigE Vision.


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