cellular communication router / Ethernet / RS232 / ZigBee
F8234 Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd



  • Type:


  • Network:

    Ethernet, RS232, ZigBee, CDMA

  • Mounting:


  • Number of ports:

    4 ports

  • Applications:



This is the high quality F8234 ZigBee+CDMA wifi router. It is cellular terminal device which can do data transfer function by public CDMA network and ZigBee function.
It has a high quality and high powered industrial 32-bits CPU and an embedded operating system working in real time. It can support multiple modes such as RS232 (or RS485/RS422), Ethernet and WIFI port. All of these can easily as well as transparently connect one device to a cellular network which enables you to connect to your existing serial, WiFi devices and Ethernet with simple and basic configuration. It also supports Zigbee function.

It is highly used on M2M fields like intelligent transportation, smart grid, industrial automation, telemetry, finance, POS, water supply, environment protection, post, weather, and various such.