cellular communication router / Ethernet / RS232 / EDGE
F7334 Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd



  • Type:


  • Network:

    Ethernet, RS232, EDGE, WiFi, GPS

  • Mounting:


  • Number of ports:

    4 ports


F7334 is a Wi-Fi router that uses GPS and EDGE protocols, providing data transfer functions by public GPS and EDGE networks. The item adopts a high-powered industrial 32bit CPU, along with an operating system that operates in real time and is embedded. The item also supports the RS232 port, along with Wi-Fi and Ethernet, so users can conveniently connect one device to a cellular network. This allows the use of existing devices with only basic configurations, and GPS functionality is also supported.

The item has been used on M2M fields so far, including intelligent transportation, smart grid, telemetry, finance, industrial automation, environmental protection, water supply, post and even weather and numerous others.