wireless modem / cellular / data / DTU
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  • Type:

    wireless, cellular, data, DTU

  • Network:


  • Application:

    industrial, alarm, for M2M application, for PLC communications, POS terminal, outdoor

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail, embedded

  • Other characteristics:

    long-range, modular, multi-channel, low-power, with VPN


F1403 3g UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA is a kind of cellular terminal device that provides SMS and dial-up function by public UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA network.

It adopts high-powered industrial cellular module and supports RS232 port that can conveniently connect one device to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial device.

It has been widely used on M2M fields, such as intelligent transportation, smart grid, industrial automation, telemetry, finance, POS, water supply, environment protection, post, weather, and so on.

●  Support SMS, dial-up and CSD function
●  Power range: DC 5~35V
●  Support standard AT command
●  Support standard RS232 port
●  Support APN/VPDNTrial Sample

Application Field of RS232 / RS485 GSM GPRS Modems

Power industry: power remote meter reading, substation monitoring, power line monitoring

Municipal industry: street lamp remote monitoring management, pipe network remote monitoring, urban energy consumption monitoring

Oil industry: remote monitoring of oil-gas well, GPRS remote oilfield automation detection monitoring system, Gas pipe network monitoring system solutions

Environmental protection industry: pollution sources monitoring, atmospheric environment monitoring, noise monitoring, dust monitoring

Agricultural application: greenhouse remote monitoring and management, aquaculture monitoring management, agricultural water pump monitoring management

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