data modem / interface module / RS232 / radio
F8916-L Series LoRa IP MODEM Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd



  • Type:

    data, interface module

  • Network:

    RS232, radio, RS485, IP, WiFi

  • Application:

    industrial, alarm, for M2M application, for PLC communications

  • Other characteristics:

    long-range, modular, low-power, with digital I/O


F8916-L Series IP MODEM is a kind of cellular terminal device that provides data transfer by public cellular network.

At the same time using Lora wireless transmission technology for short distance data transmission.

It adopts high-powered industrial 32 bits CPU and embedded real time operating system.

It supports RS232 and RS485 (or RS422) port that can conveniently and transparently connect one device to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial devices with only basic configuration.

● With 2.5G/3G/4G +LoRa Dual Wireless Link
● LoRa Field Tested Communication Distance >11.5 KM, Industry Leading
● Suitable For Various Kinds of Non-Human On-Site Industrial Applications. Offering 24/7 Stability
● Powerful Network Switching Capability
● Integrated Modbus Standard Communication Protocol
● Multi-Data Center Synchronous Transmission
● Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity, Reaching a Staggering -140 dBm
● Provides Additional Security Measures. Data Transmission Up To Financial-Level Standards
● Rich Interface. Easy To Use
● Remote Equipment Configuration, Over-The-Air Updates and Maintenance