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TresCon® OP 510 Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co KG - WTW



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WTW presents TresCon® OP 510 for online PTotal measurement. The PTotal module comprises of two units. The first unit is a digestion unit, in which the sample goes through a chemical-thermal digestion. The second unit is used for determining the total phosphorus content.

During the digestion process, all the phosphorus compounds included in the sample are changed into orthophosphate. This can be found out photometrically. Using peroxodisulfate, the phosphorus compounds are oxidized under acidic conditions. The speed of this process is increased by overpressure and an elevated temperature to achieve very quick digestion times.

The molybdenum blue method is used for subsequent analysis. The sample is blended with a molybdate reagent. A blue coloration is formed by the reaction of this reagent with phosphate through an intermediate chemical step. This coloration's intensity is a measure of the phosphate ions' original concentration. It is measured with a photometric system and evaluated.