thermostatic cabinet / benchtop / door / ventilated
TS series Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co KG - WTW



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    ventilated, thermostatic

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Thermostat cabinet is essential in order to incubate the samples at a consistent temperature in the reaction period. The WTW thermostat cabinets come in various sizes with an adjustable temperature between 10°C and -40°C(50°F to 104°F). The power supply is 230V or 50Hz and the temperature accuracy is ±1°C. Internal power sockets are fit into the thermostat cabinets in order to stir the samples.

Temperature control simultaneously of maximum of 48 BOD standard samples or IS 6-Var stirrer or 4 IS 12 stirrer platforms because of the availability of two to four shelves in proportion to the size of the thermostat cabinet. TS 1006-i is the largest model and is quite apt for special applications. It consists of 4 shelves which allow 1.5l flasks or vessels with side nozzles. Transparent insulating doors are available for the TS 606/2-i and TS 606/4-i sizes.