plastic 3D printer / resin / DLP / prototyping
PartPro100 xP XYZprintint



  • Printed material:

    plastic, resin

  • Heating technology:


  • Applications:


  • X travel:

    50 µm

  • Y travel:

    50 µm


Precision Prototyping
High resolution for those small parts where accuracy and details are critical.
Accurate Quality Plastic Parts
The PartPro100 xP is based on DLP technology to achieve the excellent quality and fast build times. For small parts their simply isn’t a better option than DLP technology.
Professional Grade Material
The PartPro100 xP uses professional grade plastic resin. It features the toughness surface quality that is perfect for prototyping small parts.
Wide Range of Applications
The PartPro100 xP is the most affordable high-resolution 3D printer based on DLP technology. The quality of output makes it a must buy for anyone doing product development refinement via multiple platform prototyping.