resin 3D printer / industrial / dental / continuous
MfgPro1600 xPF XYZprintint



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    industrial, dental

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Fastest Professional-Grade 3D Printer
The MfgPro1600 xPF is the most affordable high-resolution 3D printer that offers great speed, unparalleled precision, and is compatible with various engineered and dental resin materials. Its quality and affordability delivers a great 3D printing experience.
Printing continuously at up to 16 litters (270 x 160 x 380 mm) of build volume in a single build at print speed of 1 Z cm per minute, the MfgPro1600 xPF is the largest and most accurate 3D printer available in its category. With the patented LSPc™ Technology from Nexa3D®, the MfgPro1600 xPF can print at up to 40X faster than traditional 3D Printing and deliver 2X more precise parts than other continuous professional 3D printers on a large scale. The MfgPro1600 xPF runs using both on-board and cloud controls for in-situ and remote operations of a single printer or a full factory of printers, to enable mass production of customized parts. Early access program is to commence during first half of 2019.