ceiling-mounted lighting / LED / for storage hall / suspended
Lumiway Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd



  • Type:


  • Illumination technology:


  • Applications:

    for storage hall

  • Other characteristics:

    suspended, IP65

  • Power:

    Min.: 180 W

    Max.: 480 W


Product Description:

1.Accurate Optical Desin Specialized for linear high bay lighting .

2.MEAN WELL Power Supply , Reliable and High Efficiency .

3.Heat Sink and Light Shell in Integration Design , Expanding Effective Thermal Management Area .

4.Rabbet Design Convenient for Assembly and Maintenance .

5.Quick and Easy Installation with various Choices .

6.Suitable for Workshop , Warehouse , Shopping mall , Garage and Other Lighting Purposes .

Electrical Specification:

1, Power Input: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz
2, Power Factor: ≥95%
3, THD at Full Load: ≤15%
4, Dimming (Upon Request, Please Contact Yaham).
5.Working Temperature (Environment):–40~+60℃ .

Linear LED High Bay Light

YAHAM lighting launched Linear LED High Bay to meet aisle lighting demands for high rack warehouses. The linear shape and narrow long light distribution are specifically designed for aisle lighting.