data connector / DIN / RJ45 / overmolded
Y-Circ M series Yamaichi Electronics



  • Type:


  • Format:

    DIN, RJ45, overmolded

  • Shape:


  • Connection type:


  • Size:


  • Other characteristics:

    IEC, small, IP68


New overmoulded M12 Connector with push-pull locking mechanism allows fast and secure locking and unlocking. The plug can be connected to a special socket for locking without screwing.

To this special socket any standard M12 connectors with thread can be connected. Insulator and contacts are designed according the ICE standard IEC 61076-2-101/109.

This product combines the advantages and technology of the Y-Circ P and standard Y-Circ M product series in one completely new innovative product.

All Y-Circ M codings and connectors with 90°/180° are possible.

In addition the product is as small as all Yamaichi Y-Circ M standard M12 connectors.

Customer specific configurations

The Y-Circ® M series can be configured individually according to the requirements of our customers. Optional parts can be added to the connector depending on customer needs. The free configuration options ensure the best price-performance ratio. Optional parts are: 360° shielding and vibration protection.

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