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High-voltage dividers by PowerHV are designed to measure voltages, Then they decouple partial discharges inside high-voltage test systems. The device is available in several versions to measure alternating voltage (AC), direct voltage (DC), lightning impulse voltage (LI), and switching impulse voltage (SI) systems. This instrument is in compliance with the relevant IEC standards 60060, 61083, and 60052. The systems can be used both indoors and outdoors.

High-voltage dividers by PowerHV come with AC capacitor, Series TAWF for AC Measurement upto 2250kV. The device can be used for measuring AC voltage, for decoupling PD signals and for use as basic load for resonant test systems. It also helps in reducing the background noise level by using components of a high voltage filter. Resistive voltage divider, Series DZF for DC can be used for measurement upto 2400kV while damped capacitive voltage divider, Series RZF is ideal for measuring AC and impulse voltage up to 1,500 kV AC and 6,000 kV LI and for use as basic load for impulse voltage test systems.