dissipation factor test system / precision / capacitance factor / laboratory
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    dissipation factor, precision, capacitance factor

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This is a Power HV which performs an accurate measuring bridge and basic capacitor for the delta measuring of C and Tan. The model is a usually used for laboratory use. It uses the advantage of current comparison making it reliable and exact. The difference between the schering bridge is high voltage dielectric loss tester. Due to the use of data processing via the computer the detailmaking the measurement accurate and simple. Usage of the high voltage capacitor with it used for the bridge to function unger high voltage capacity with products of high voltage like cable, power capacitors, bushings transformers and reactors.This also perform the constant test dielectric on solid as well as liquid insulating materials. The bridge also connects with the CT so it can expand its range. While testing large power capacitors it applies a unique four terminal measurement along with a compensation device to eliminate error.