Power transformer / cast resin / floor-standing / column type
HJ series YangZhou Xinyuan Electric Co., Ltd


  • Type:


  • Configuration:

    cast resin

  • Other characteristics:

    column type, high-voltage, floor-standing

  • Secondary voltage:

    Min.: 35 kV

    Max.: 1000 kV



The standard voltage transformer is suitable to be used for error measurement in delivery test or on-site test of power transformers 35~1000kV.


High measurement accuracy, in Grade 0.01~0.1
Wide range of measuring voltage: each standard voltage transformer can have 2 or more composite ratios
Mainly insulated by SF6 which is good at automatic-restoration, operation is reliable and safe
Several patents are used; hydraulic pressure device for lifting, easy to operate
Creative electromagnetic shielding technique, good anti-jamming performance, stable error performance


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