horizontal injection molding machine / servo-hydraulic
SM2 series Yizumi



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Clamping force:

    Max.: 4,800 kN

    Min.: 600 kN


Clamping Unit

Spacious Ejector Area

The new structural design of the moving platen, with larger ejection space and stroke and mold thickness, is suitable for molds of larger size.

Safe and Reliable

The hydraulically driven gear type mold adjusting mechanism is fast and reliable. It is equipped with a rear mounted protective device for mechanical installation.

Injection Unit

Uniform and Stable Plasticization

The barrier screw with outstanding mixing performance and the seal components can meet the plasticizing requirements of many common polymers, achieving uniform, fast and stable plasticizing.

High Rigidity

High rigidity injection base supporting mechanism ensures long-term and stable operation of the injection unit.