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Horizontal injection molding machine / servo-hydraulic
SM2 series Yizumi


  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 600 kN

    Max.: 4800 kN


Compared with general injection molding machines, SM2 Series injection molding machines adopt cutting edge technology of servo-motor-driven pump, saving 20% to 80% power. As the servo pump system has fast response and is subject to closed-loop control, SM2 Series can produce products of high repeatability and high precision.
The power output of the driving system highly accords with the load requirements of the machine and power loss is reduced greatly. Compared with the general injection machine, SM2 series can save 20%-80% power.

Perfect combination of the electrical and hydraulic driving technology:
Advanced hydraulic technology for injection molding machine—imported Yuken servo motor driven hydraulic pump
Low cost: Compared with the full electric injection molding machines, the production cost and maintenance cost of the servo injection molding machines have been greatly reduced.
Fast response: High efficiency piston pump realizes fast response injection molding which can be used in super-precision molding.
Easy for wiring: Integrate the controller with driver, simple wiring.
High performance: Special and high torque servo motor and variable displacement piston pump greatly improve the low speed molding and continuous pressure-holding performance with excellent repeatability.
Long service life: The servo injection molding machine adopts special servo coupling to avoid problems existing in coupling connection part.


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