horizontal injection molding machine / servo-electric
A5 Yizumi



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Clamping force:

    Max.: 2000 kN

    Min.: 600 kN


Machine Models:

UN60A5 ~ UN480A5
UN60A5-V ~ UN480A5-V
UN60A5-I ~ UN480A5-I

Basic Introduction:

After successfully bringing servo machines to the market for years,mastering advanced European and American technology from HPM Company and completely understanding customer needs through over-two-year market research,Yizumi develops a brand-new standard high-end servo injection molding machine,A5 Series, based on IPD mode.

Wide range of application
Larger machine specifications
Stronger power and faster response
Wider processing range and lower repeated investment costs

Precise and stable
Fully optimize injection unit to ensure precision and stability

Reliable and durable
Higher overall rigidity of machine
Uniform-stress molding technology
More stable and reliable operation of machine

High-efficiency and energy-saving
The third-generation servo system
Low noise,strong power and quick response in operation