horizontal injection molding machine / hydraulic
A2 Yizumi



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Clamping force:

    Max.: 4800 kN

    Min.: 600 kN


"A2 Series" high precision plastics injection molding machine was launched into market in late 2006. It is a much upgraded version based on "A Series" injection molding machine which has been launched into market since 2002.
"A2 Series" not only inherited the advantages of energy-saving, precise controlling, fast response and reliable performance from A Series,but also made great improvements in repeatability, plasticizing speed, power consumption and machine noise. With all those advantages and leading technology implementation, "A2 Series" injection molding machine is extremely suitable for molding of electronic components, telecommunication devices, home appliances, toys and car components, etc.
Mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic safety devices, automatic lubrication system for mold height adjustment mechanism, STAR computer controller imported from Japan, YUKEN/REXROTH close-loop variable displacement pump system, integral injection supporting base, effective plasticizing system, individual CPU for temperature control. Accuracy up to ±1°C and pre-mold opening function.

Clamping Unit
Optimized platen design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars.
Euromap-based platen layout with both T-slot and tap holes. Locating design in moving platen to better suit various molds.
New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity.
Hydraulic driven gear-type mold height adjusting mechanism.
Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation.