horizontal injection molding machine / electric / fast-cycling / toggle
FE Yizumi



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    fast-cycling, toggle

  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 588 kN

    Max.: 2548 kN


As a combination of internationally dominant all-electric injection molding machine technology and actual situation of market application, FE series is widely used in electronics, appliances, photoelectric and digital products, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, food and cosmetic packaging, sporting and recreational goods and other markets.
Redoubled robust frame design versus common hydraulic machines and overall heat treatment that ensures sturdiness, durability and high resistance to deformation in long-term operation.
New clamping mechanism: the new structure of clamping unit helps increase mold opening force by over 20%, lengthen the toggle stroke by nearly 15%, remarkably improve the work efficiency of machine and optimize the motion characteristics.
Top plasticizing unit: screws are subject to surface treatment, like nickel-tungsten alloy brush plating, which makes the screws more resistant to corrosion and acid and eliminates defects in plasticizing, such as browning, black spot, uneven mixing and under-purging.
High Efficiency and Repeatability:
The shortest cycle time in fully-automatic production is within 3 seconds.
The machine is capable of multiple synchronized movements and fast response.
Dedicated ultra-fast ball screws, with the advantages of accurate positioning, low noise and long life, are adopted to handle high load.