AC/DC power supply / mains adapter / programmable
max. ±32 V, ±200 mA | GS200 YOKOGAWA Europe


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    mains adapter

  • Other characteristics:



The GS200 by yokogawa comes of use in many applications since it generates the current signals and DC voltage that is immensely low in noise thanks to the 5 1/2-digit resolution, very good stability and traceability. The DC voltage and/or current source can also be used as an instrument for measurement of current and voltage due to the presence of optional monitoring feature. With the voltage source up to ±32 Volts and the current source up to ± 200 milliamperes, the GS200 also has a an output resolution voltage of 120000 counts, Integrated channel for USB mass storage, and output programmability up to 10000 points. Hence it is certain that the GS200 is truly a voltage source that has high resolution, good stability and is very precise as well.


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