mixed-signal oscilloscope / analog-digital / bench-top / 4-channel
DLM4000 series YOKOGAWA Europe



  • Input signal:

    mixed-signal, analog-digital

  • Portability:


  • Number of channels:


  • Options and accessories:

    compact, high-resolution

  • Bandwidth:

    500 MHz, 350 MHz


The DLM4000 is a unique, eight-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope ideal to test and debugging applications in the embedded systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and automotive sectors.
The 2.5 GSa/sec DLM4000 which is available in 350 MHz as well as the 500 MHz models, features eight analog input channels.

The eighth input channel features, Flex MSO which converts to a 8-bit logic analyzer at the push of a button. Plus, sixteen additional logic analyzer inputs is available as an option for 24-bit logic analysis. It also has advanced measurement and analysis features such as power analysis, serial-bus analysis, digital filtering, user-defined math, and super-long record lengths (up to 125 Mega Points). All this makes the DLM4000 a super powerful engineering tool.

The other features include high-resolution 12.1 LCD display, compact landscape format, ergonomic and friendly user-interface which makes it easy to use.

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