management software / data analysis / maintenance management / process



  • Function:

    management, data analysis, maintenance management

  • Applications:

    process, instrument

  • Type:



Analyzer Management and Data Systems (AMADAS) are meant to monitor, maintain, determine and improve the performance of on-line process analyzers. Yokogawa's Advanced Analytical Instrument Management System (AAIMS) is one step ahead, in that it provides real-time asset maintenance management for a wide range of on-line/in-line process analyzers from simple analytical devices such as pH, conductivity and O2 as well as for complex analytical devices such as gas chromatographs (GC) and Near Infrared (NIR).

AAIMS improves on-line/in-line process analysis efficiency by accurately assessing and displaying the KPIs of each analyzer. AAIMS is a core building block of Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant™ solutions designed for operational excellence to visionary plants by creating an environment where plant personnel can See Clearly, Know in Advance, and Act with Agility.