process gas analyzer / oxygen / concentration / temperature



  • Measured entity:

    process gas, oxygen

  • Measured value:

    concentration, temperature

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    paramagnetic, zirconia


Yokogawa's MG8E paramagnetic oxygen analyzers utilize the paramagnetic property of oxygen to measure its concentration. With a new magnetic flow ratio method, they achieve higher performance compared to conventional analyzers. The analyzers are even capable of measuring the concentration of oxygen in flammable gas mixtures in a low range with high precision, which cannot be done by a zirconia oxygen analyzer.

The MG8E can also be used for measurement in process gases with a high temperature, high pressure, high dust content and/or high humidity. Providing excellent reliability and ease of use, the MG8E analyzers are some of Yokogawa’s solutions that are user friendly, high quality and reflect user needs.