Rotor-stator homogenizer / in-line / for the food industry
YTRON-Z YTRON Process Technology


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  • Batch/continuous:


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    for the food industry


The rotor-stator-system from YTRON-Z is used for passing one or more liquid phases and unsuspended particles by a forced-feed passage. It has an in-line principle which affects a defined and reproducible application of shear forces. The desired dispersing effect can be infinitely adjusted with parameters of slot width, number of rotor-stator sets used, number and distance of the shear slots, and rotational speed and flow rate. Often conventional batch processes require recirculation which lead to a localized over-shearing of the products. This in turn can cause irregular treatment of the batch. The YTRON-Z ensures homogeneously and reproducibly dispersed products in a single pass.


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