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thyristor voltage stabilizer / single-phase / three-phase



  • Electrical characteristics:

    three-phase, single-phase

  • Other characteristics:



(1) SCR control, digital circuits, stable and reliable (2) Large-screen LCD, user-friendly, man-machine interface(3) Three phases regulation, no contact, no abrasion, no spark and maintenance free(4) Regulator speed to 0.03S can be accessed by all types of generators(5) Efficiency is as high as 1% or more than 98%, power consumption, save electricity, to save money(6) Anti-interference, cleaning ability, so that the output power completely pure(7) With overload, shortload, short circuit, lack of phases, and automatically by pass protection function-------------------------------------------------------Dry advantages of non-contact voltage regulator:1. Small size, light weight, suitable for long-distance transport, reduce your transp Enhance your competitive edge supplier of the best regulator ortation costs; 2. Whole no contact, no brush, no wear, no maintenance once installed; 3. A wide input voltage range can be customized non-standard ± 60% input voltage range;4. Hhigh output voltage accuracy ± 1%;5. The AVR’s can match any load type, especially unmanned operation of equipment in telecommunication centers.6. The regulator is fast, able to adjust the voltage within 40ms of work; 7. Three-phase independent control of voltage, non-interfering, anti-lightning. 8.Is widely used in communication base stations, telecommunications / broadcasting network, highways, machinery and equipment.

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