automatic shrink wrapping machine / for food products / beverage / for chemical products
YK-L5545H + YK-5030LW Yuanxu Packing(shanghai) Machinery Co., LTD



  • Operational mode:


  • Product applications:

    for food products, beverage, for chemical products, for confectionery products, for tools

  • Other characteristic:

    with shrink tunnel, side sealing, high-speed

  • Throughput:

    Min.: 40 p/min

    Max.: 60 p/min


The products are widely used in automated food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products and other industries of sealing, shrink packaging, production line even unmanned operation, but also can be used alone, economical and practical.

1. high-speed L-type side sealing shrink packaging machine speed side sealing shrink packaging machine can be used for online automatic shrink packaging products, photoelectric products automatically detect, the choice of automatic or manual feed feed modes, use folded film can be trilateral seal
2. depending on the characteristics of the different equipment configurations and product packaging speed can reach 20-60 pcs / min
3. the longitudinal sealing knife sustainability seal, packaging products unlimited length
4. high-speed L-type side sealing shrink packaging machine can continuously and automatically complete package. Stable performance, saving manpower, reliable quality, high shrink efficiency, applicability. High cost economy and durability for POF, PVC and other heat shrinkable film sealing shrink.
5. the front end can speed feed system, and work platform back-end storage, the machine truly achieve high-speed operation, unmanned automatic operation.
6. the furnace heat shrink sleeve form of hot air circulation, packaging needs for different packaging materials, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt in order to achieve optimal contraction effect