hydraulic tipping station
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hydraulic tipping station hydraulic tipping station - YK-FZ-Y


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The function to adapt to different specifications of the goods flipping requirements to achieve the horizontal or vertical conversion formula established converted into operational objective horizontal. Widely used in metallurgy, mold, paper, refrigeration and other industries.

Basic features:
1. Hydraulic major role in reversing machine uses hydraulic cylinders pushing a way that produces rotation, will erect the product side, convenient transportation.
2. Set up an independent hydraulic pump station Hydraulic pipe explosion device, safe and reliable
3. Hydraulic reversing machine without fixing, can be any place without digging foundation,
4. Small footprint, 2 meters wide and 5 meters long can be placed
5. Tonnage rolled rolled weight and speed can be designed according to user requirements
6. This product can be used through the use of cross-level car, walking and rolled.
7. In the scrolling process is safe and reliable, stable, no inertia.
8. The maximum daily volume reached 10,000 tons rolled.