electric tipping station / reel
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electric tipping station / reel electric tipping station / reel - YK-FZ180


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Flip machine can be divided into 180 degrees and 90 degrees machine based on the maximum flip angle reversing machine, according to the application can be divided into coil reversing machine, mold flip machine, sheet flipping machine,

1. Coil dumpers is to achieve the lifting of heavy steel coils into the V-shaped surface reversing machine through 0--180 ° flip, to realize the flat coil placed on the tray.

2. Mold reversing machine maintenance large, medium-sized mold, the mold is inverted to achieve 0--180 °, convenient, energy, security for mold opening and closing and lifting. Stamping plant is indispensable auxiliary equipment, the ideal equipment is large mold repair.

3. Flip machine is automotive sheet production equipment, material for large sheet pile flip, stamping automated production line necessary auxiliary equipment, only scratch the surface of the sheet can be reduced, improving product quality, while reducing operator labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

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