packaging film / stretch / PE / roll
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packaging film / stretch / PE / roll packaging film / stretch / PE / roll - YK


  • Type:

    packaging, stretch

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    roll, transparent

  • Applications:

    for wrapping machines, for pallets

  • Width:

    Min.: 300 mm

    Max.: 3,000 mm

  • Length:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 4,000 mm

  • Thickness:

    Min.: 0.015 mm

    Max.: 0.04 mm


LLDPE stretch film has a tough, shock, self-adhesive transparent and merit, regardless of collective packaging for products or goods pallets, can moisture, dust and reduce labor, improve efficiency, to protect the product and reduce costs purposes.

1, excellent self-adhesive properties
2, good flexibility and stretchability, wrapped ability
3, high impact strength and puncture strength
4, the contraction memory function

Both the economy and the optimal packaging materials, excellent ductility, puncture resistance and excellent binding force, for a variety of items stack, pallet packaging.
The most advanced 3 5 layer cast coextrusion encumbered equipment manufacturing and a variety of different specifications for customers demand choice:

Hand wound: for simple hand fighting type operation
Resistive pull Stretch: suitable for traditional winding machine, or pre-stretch machine pull resistance, tensile ratio up to 2 times (+ 100%)
Pre pull Stretch: Suitable for power pre-stretch wrapping machinery, its pre-stretch ratio up to 3 times (+ 200%) or more.

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