valve-regulated battery / lead-acid
12 V, max. 36 Ah | TEV series Yuasa Battery



  • Type:

    valve-regulated, lead-acid


High Capacity Cyclic VRLA Batteries

The low maintenance and valve regulated constructions combine with heavy-duty plates and unique separator systems to make TEV service twice as long as conventional counterparts.

1. Double cycle life - TEV operates 500 charge/discharge cycles or twice as many cycles as conventional cycle use batteries at 75% D.O.D. (depth of discharge).

2. Valve-regulated and maintenance-free - Battery electrolyte retained solidly in the separator and the innovative gas recombinant system allows minimum gas emittance freeing the user from maintenance.

3. Durability for deep discharge use - Yuasa’s state-of-the-art plate barrier prevention and the unique separator systems help ensure deep discharge use thus considerably prolonging battery’s service life.

4. Minimal self-discharge - Cyclic use batteries tend to be left discharged after usage causing plate corrosion leading to shortened life. Self discharge rate of TEV is as small as only 0.1% a day at 20°C and thus extends the storage period allowed.

5. Higher capacity with same footprint as standard cyclic batteries.