Compact electric linear actuator
25 / 50 mm, max. 8 mm/s, 50 N | T-NA series Zaber Technologies

T-NA Series Micro Linear Actuators with Built-in Controllers

* 25 and 50 mm travel
* Up to 8 mm/s speed and up to 50 N thrust
* Our most compact, precise and robust actuator with built-in controllers
* Built-in controller; daisy chains with other T-series products
* Designed to replace standard micrometer heads on manual translation stages
* Hardened ball-tip (removable so you can use the built-in threaded tip or a flat tip)

Zabers T-NA linear actuators are computer controlled and offer 0.05 µm resolution, with either 25 mm or 50 mm travel. Each actuator comes with a hardened ball tip that you can remove if you prefer to use the built-in threaded tip or a flat tip.


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