screw with hexagonal head / self-locking
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screw with hexagonal head / self-locking screw with hexagonal head / self-locking
  • Screw with hexagonal head / self-locking


  • Head:

    with hexagonal head

  • Other characteristics:



ZaGO offers the widest range of high quality self-locking components available for both military and commercial usage. All of our Pellet, Strip and Patch products meet or exceed the required specifications for MIL-F-18240, IFI 124 and IFI 524.

Epoxy - A powerful sealing element that is known to out-perform most of the nylon locking elements in first-off torque evaluations.

Patch - A process by which powdered nylon is sprayed onto the fastener threads, fusing it to the material and rendering it self-locking.

Pellet - A pellet is a firm nylon plug that is inserted into a drilled hole in the threads of the fastener making it self-locking and still fully adjustable.

Pre-Coat 30 - This coating is offered in both acrylic and epoxy formulations.

Strip - The stripping process inserts a bar of Nylon, Kel-F or Vespel into a milled slot in a threaded fastener which makes it self-locking.

Vibration Resistance - Even under conditions of extreme vibration, ZāGOs vibration resistant coating makes any fastener self-locking.

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