Collapsible container
max. 1 130 x 730 x 740 mm ZARGES

ZARGES collapsible containers are used for cost efficient transportation and packaging. They are based on the "big out, small in" principle. These containers have a maximum capacity of 1000 L based on their design and size. Collapsing the boxes can be easily done by one person. Handling is easy because of their interlocked profiles with locking devices on the side parts and floor pan. They are equipped with side protection profiles. They are highly stable due to the three profile sets on the outer walls. Folding ratio is 1:3. A swing-type hinge securely fastens the lid to the rear wall. The self-locking fasteners make them ideal for shackle locking or lead seals. They are ideal for roller conveyors. There is 15 mm free space when the box is collapsed.


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