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high-speed cleaner / cold water / compressed air / hydraulic
Zelup ® Blaster Zelup



  • Type:

    cold water

  • Power source:

    compressed air, hydraulic

  • Configuration:

    mobile, stationary

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, high-speed


Zeblaster is the new high-speed cleaner by Zelup. More powerful, it will clean any large volume.

Its range of accessories will take care of any cleaning job:
- new brushes, round or rectangular, with or without scraper;
- a rigid wand equipped with a handle;
- a flexible wand to reach and clean any spot.

The accessories are fixed to Zeblaster thanks to a 1/4 turn bayonet, allowing the user to switch between them easily.

Each purchase of a Zelup® ZeBlaster must be linked with a subscription to our maintenance contract. This contract will allow you to benefit from the maintenance of your equipment and 5 free brushes per year and per gun.