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External cylindrical grinding machine / CNC
max. ø 275 mm | NUMERIKA GL series Zema Zselics Ltda


  • Type:

    external cylindrical

  • Control type:



The Numerika GL grinder was designed to attend the production needs of small and medium sized parts, manufactured in large and medium batchs, increasing its productivity through the use of the proper
accessories, such as: diamond dressing rolls or discs, chucks, gap less, high pressure wheel cleaner, constant peripheral wheel speed, among others.

» Ahigh level of automation, with integration in manufacturing cells.
» Integration with conveyor or pallet, automatic loading and unloading systems.
» “In-process” and “Post-process” monitoring size gauging
» High productivity
» Flexibility to comply with part families.
» Quick set-up.
» High MTBF.
» Customized CNC, to operate for each cell and part families.
» CNC-oriented preventive maintenance.
» History registration of operating or programming key board.
» Mainternance documentation based in FMECAand FMEA method.
» Compliance to the client safety and standardization.


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