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Rubber-coated fabric
ZRF Zenith Industrial Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.


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Coated fabrics are flexible composite materials formed by applying bonding agents to either one or both sides of the fabric substrate and precisely coating it with different rubber compounds depending on the end application of the fabric. After the coating is cured it creates a strong bond between the rubber and the fabric. The final product after coating and curing is solid and flexible. It has a good stability and is washable, durable and much stronger than uncoated fabrics. Rubber coated fabrics are very close textured and therefore exhibit low permeation and diffusion. They can be electrically conductive and can also be weather, oil and temperature resistant.

Zenith offers rubber-coated fabrics with special characteristics. We manufacture various types of fabrics for different applications such as barrier protection, abrasion resistance, air retention and high strength to weight ratios, flex resistance and resistance to chemical gases and fuels. Zenith uses basic fabrics such as Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, glass, knits, silk, Kevlar®. Fabrics of various blends are coated with Nitrile, Chloroprene, Silicon, NR/SBR, Butyl, Hypalon (CSM), EPDM & blended polymers for variety of applications in the fields of Insulation, Defense, aviation, marine and offshore operations.


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