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UltraVision 3 ZETEC



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    for tubes


Zetec’s UltraVision 3 software manages ultrasonic (UT) signal acquisition, displays real-time imaging of these signals and provides online as well as offline data analysis. UltraVision offers many advanced features and tools that improve the efficiency of UT inspections.

The UltraVision 3 software drives all Zetec’s in-house phased array UT and conventional UT systems. In data analysis mode it supports legacy file formats (DAT, RDT, OPD and OUD) in addition to the new UVData and BeamData formats. The look-and-feel of UltraVision 3 will be very familiar for the seasoned UltraVision 1 user.

The integrated 3D work environment allows you to create your actual inspection configuration in UltraVision 3 and perform ray tracing with coverage mapping to determine your detection capability and inspection coverage.

Inspection parameters and results are delivered in a comprehensive report. The ultrasonic inspection software is intuitive and allows users to easily design and simulate an inspection.

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