Continuously variable transmission (CVT) for tractor
Hydrostar HC 85 ZF Maschinenantriebe


Hydrostar HC 85
Compact, continuously variable, quick

Precise manoeuvring plays a central role with compact loaders. The hydrostatic, continuously variable transmission, Hydrostar HC 85, facilitates this at full tractive power over the whole speed range. An important constituent are two crankshaft radial-piston motors. Due to their integration into the transmission system, the interfaces to the vehicle have been reduced. The transmission can be directly mounted onto the ZF axle or separately in the chassis.

Driving speeds up to 50 km/h
Improved ride comfort due to continuously variable shifting
No interruption of tractive force, giving improved operational performance
More design freedom in vehicle construction due to compact design
The integration of the hydraulic motors into the transmission system reduces the number of external hose lines and valves, so that interfaces to the vehicle are reduced.
Low moving-off speed due to electronic traction drive control.
Low noise emissions due to low hydraulic motor speeds
Low fuel consumption, increased efficiency


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