tube extrusion line / for PP / for PE / for PEX
PPR-63, PPR110Ⅰseries Zhangjiagang City Yili Machinery Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    for tubes

  • Treated material:

    for PP, for PE, for PEX

  • Applications:

    for gas pipes


PP-R Pipe system is popular in th global market, which is sanitary, nontoxic, and greenest. The production line adapts the new digestion and advanced technology, with efficient screw and a forced feeding groove sleeve, to achieve high-speed and efficient extrusion. The line is suitable for many kinds of raw materials and ptoducts processing (through appropriate changed the device or parts), can produce PE, PP water supply, gas pipe;PP-R,PB,PE-RT,PEX heathot water pipes.

Product feature:

1.Good shearing and mixing effect with professional barrier type screw design, ensuring the pipe with high quality

2. Filtration type die head design, which let the material be further plasticized, ensuring the better pipe mechanical property

3.Whole line speed improve higher by 30-40% by disc and water ring cooling calibrator

4. Automatic water temperature control system avoid the brittle cracking of PPR pipe

5. Stable, high speed and no chip cutting with automatic chip-free cutter