sheet extrusion line / for PVC / multilayer / corrugated sheet
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    for PVC

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    corrugated sheet


The corrugated tile extensive application in workshop, sheds, agricultural sheds, playground, warehouse, school, chemical plant and the building construction, etc. YILI customizes different solutions according to clients’ demands on product structure, shape which has width from 720mm to 1450mm and thickness from 0.8 to 3.0mm. According to the exclusive preferences of different regions, YILI designs classical round wave type and trapezoidal shape. The plastic corrugated roofing sheet is better for heat and sound resistance, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, strong durability, and beautiful appearance, easy and fast installation
1. Special design of screw, which can ensure material perfect plasticizing and lower formulation cost; depend on the request of high fill formula, SKD-61(Japan or Germany) imported material with alloy sleeve treatment barrel can provide prefect solution
2. Co-extruder equipped with dehumidifying and drying system can be applied to produce PMMA/ASA composite material, which ensures high performance and quality of final product
3. T-die adopt hanger style can be applied to produce single PVC melt multi-layer material or multi-layer compound material. The mould flow surface adopts polish and electrochromism treatment, which ensure excellent liquidity and good anticorrosion, heat-resisting and wear resisting performance
4. Distributor mostly applied in multi-layer compound process.It has Several structures such as A/B, A/B/A, A/B/C and etc. The main purpose is making perfect composition of different melting materials
5. Calibration forming table includes three parts: calibration mold, haul off and cutter.