aluminum piping system / for liquids
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    for liquids


AIRPIPE full performance quick-fit piping network system is used to deliver compressed air, inert gas, vacuum, nitrogen,water and oil. Airpipe features corrosion-resistance, energy efficiency, easy installation, 100% recycableness and neat appearance with minimal pressure drop, without the risk of contamination the compressed air with rust particles and without the need for maintenance. In accordance with the full performance of Airpipe, we provide 10 years quality guarantee.

Technical specification
Working temperature:-20℃ to +70℃(-30℃ to +80℃)*-30℃ to +80℃ is guaranteed for six years
Maximum working pressure:13bar
Vacuum Degree:0.13bar absolute pressure
Compatible with compressed oil
Fireproof(Meet UL-90-VC standard)
Suitable for outdoor installation

Wide application for Textil, Auto, Electronics,Tobacco, Food and Machinery

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